Expenses considered for loan:
The fee is payable to college/hostel (Optional).
Purchase of books/equipment.
Purchase of computers / Laptops - essential for completion of the course.
Any other expense required to complete the course - like study tours, project work, thesis, etc.
All these banks provide following benefits to students applying for Dr.DYPIMED
Include entire fees heads end to end
Concessional rate of interest
Speedy disposal of loan applications
Availability of the loan across the country
Illustrative list of papers / documents required for education loan:
2 Passport size photos - Applicant/co- applicant
Photo ID - Applicant / co-applicant
Permanent Residence Proof - Applicant/co- applicant
Date of Birth Proof - Applicant/co- applicant
PAN No of Co- applicant
Signature Verification - Applicant/co- applicant
Academic documents of Applicant (proof of having secured pass marks in last qualifying Examination) + Test score documents, if any
Proof of admission
Copy of fee receipts already paid
Cost of education & fee structure from the college
Last one-year bank statements/bank passbook of applicant/co-applicant
Income proof of co-applicant
If any other loan is taken by the applicant or co-applicant, then provide a statement of accounts for all the loans taken
Any document for establishing the relationship between the applicant and co-applicant
For further queries related to education loans, contact Dr.